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A month’s worth of free workouts! One for every day. Just press this button! Being fit takes consistency, changing up your workouts, and challenging yourself. Let me help you!



Allow me to help you get more FIT for LIFE! Whether your goal is to lose weight, increase your energy, get healthy – or do all three – I can help you put BALANCE in your life and achieve your GOALS!

Don’t put it off any longer! Make yourSELF a priority! Research shows us that 1 in 5 people will die of lifestyle-related diseases, which are linked to the way people live their life. ‘Every day is a NEW DAY! It’s never too late ….’

Let’s GO

Get IN Shape

Real Work. Real Results.

Certified personal Trainer

I’ve been an American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified personal trainer for close to two decades. I’ve had the privilege of helping many people reach their health and fitness goals. I’ve worked with men and women of all ages and fitness levels, as well as kids and special populations. I’ve experienced helping people turn from couch potatoes to half marathon runners!

certified health coach

My passion for fitness and empowering people led me to get certified as an ACE Health Coach, where I can manage communication with doctors, nutritionists, therapists and other medical professionals, to make sure everyone is on the same page for your wellness needs.
I can help guide you with nutrition, wellness, fitness, mentoring and motivation. Be at the forefront of today’s HEALTH REVOLUTION!

group fitness/ bootcamp instructor

I’ve been teaching group fitness classes for decades! And love the energy and motivation of a fun hour of exercise with people supporting and encouraging one another! I’ve been leading a boot camp in south Charlotte for 8-years. If you’re looking to initiate fitness in your neighborhood or community organization, I can organize, manage and instruct your group to be fit while having fun!


 i offer 

specialty fitness


Older adults


Youth who need special attention


People who are recovering or managing an illness or injury

80% of your health is nutrition

GOod nutrition.
  made easy.

I am pleased to have added a nutritional component to my business. Juice Plus products build better health, a strong immune system, healthy skin and is supported by doctors. 100% money back guarantee. Nutrition bars, drink mixes, chewables and capsules. Let me know if you’re interested in getting started for a healthier more energized quality of life!

No Pain, No Gain

Real Work.
  Real Results.

Why Training

Popular Programs

Individualized fitness to match your goals and needs!

Individual and Group training- Incorporates all of the above! We will strength and cardio train as well as incorporate core work and stretching. You get the full-body workout every session!

Strength Training

Get strong, stay strong and love the way you look with a toned, lean body working with free weights, barbells and resistance training.

Core training

a strong core will make your whole body stronger, giving you better balance and coordination, and the ability to do everyday activities with more ease. TRX training, body weight exercises, Bosu and exercise ball training.


It is essential to keep your body stretched and limber to avoid injuries and to maintain full range of motion for everyday life! We will stretch after every workout. And I can provide special stretches for problem areas. 

Cardio training

From floor exercises to cycling and running. I’ll help you get heart healthy and fit! If you have a race to train for, or if you just want to change up your routine- let’s do it!

Check out my bloG!

Fitness, wellness & nutrition tips

Is walking an exercise?

It's baffling how people would answer the question: Is walking an exercise? Some would say, 'Of course it is! It's what I do for exercise!' While others would say, 'No way, walking doesn’t do anything for me except help me recover from my workouts.' I think walking is...

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Overcome the #1 enemy to your health!!

The #1 Enemy of our Health and Happiness … And how we can Overcome it!   It’s the six-letter word that has become a household name …  and the cause of many ailments including insomnia, digestive problems, weight gain, sickness and heart disease. You guessed it...

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Is sleep really that important?

Come on… Is sleep really that important? We all love a good night’s sleep. We wake up feeling fresh and invigorated, ready to start the day! I venture to guess, this doesn’t happen every night for you. I know it doesn’t for me. Sometimes I’m up too late getting work...

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10 Self Care tips you must start today!

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what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

‘Kirsten Quick has been my bootcamp instructor for seven years.  Her sessions are always new, creative, and tailored to meet the groups’ needs and fitness levels.  Kirsten is dynamic, knowledgable , positive, and caring.  I highly recommend her classes!’

Kim Christiansen

I wanted to work with a trainer that would encourage and push me.  Kirsten makes working out FUN and I love how knowledgeable she is about the body and what is working and what is not. She loves what she does and has you doing more than you could ever imagine and feeling great about it.

Kirsten is the absolute BEST!

Michele Bender

I’ve just completed a 6 month training block and it has been quite a transformation of not only my body but my spirit as well! Kirsten’s full body technique is a game changer! Her style and variety of workouts were fun and very effective. This fitness journey has literally changed my way of thinking about my health. I’m excited to move forward and will be forever grateful for what I have learned about exercise, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Thank you Kirsten! You are an amazing coach

Kimberly Kiker

Kirsten is an amazing personal trainer! Such a kind person who is very knowledgeable about strength training, fitness and nutrition! I enjoyed training with her for 3 months one on one and participating in bootcamp group workouts as well. I made a complete lifestyle change and have seen great results!! She also does a great job explaining modifications to exercises I could do since I have some joint issues. Highly recommend you train with Kirsten!

Lauren Schaaf

what I offer 

*Recent research shows that it takes 66-days to form a habit. I recommend at least a

3-month commitment to your health and wellness needs.


Personal training

Monthly packages available. I can come to you or you can come to my studio in Matthews.

Health coaching

Monthly packages available. I can come to you or you can come to my studio in Matthews.


Small group training

A more affordable option to personal training. Split the cost with two or more people.

Neighborhood bootcamps

Workout with your friends conveniently in your own neighborhood according to your schedule. Contact me here!

online coaching

Sometimes all you need is accountability and assistance. Many options available.

Older Adult exercise

Certified to help with older adults stay active through exercises that they are able to do. From chair exercises to stretching, resistance training or a walking buddy!


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