When I have a goal I want to achieve, I look at the little things … the big things can overwhelm me.

For instance, when I pursued my new certifications in training and teaching fitness to older adults, I set a plan for every day. It would have been overwhelming to look at all I had to learn — through note taking, studying and taking quizzes and ultimately the certification exams, if I didn’t have a daily plan. My goal would have seemed intimidating.

What are your GOALS? What can you do every day to help meet those goals?

If your goal is to LOSE WEIGHT … it’s the daily, small changes that add up. Instead of focusing on the end result (losing 30-pounds) focus on the short-term goals of losing 2-pounds a week, or 4-8 pounds a month.

Daily goals:

1. Drinking more water! As many of you learned through our hydration challenge — Water keeps you feeling full, and drinking cold water speeds up metabolism. It also keeps your body healthy!

2. Getting enough good sleep! Getting less than 7-hours of sleep a night can un-do your work in the gym and your healthy eating. Lack of sleep also makes you crave food.

3. Smart workouts! You don’t need to spend hours at the gym! Start with 30-minutes a day — 5-days a week. Brisk walks (or other cardio) 3-times a week and 2-days strength training. 30 MINUTES!!! After 6-weeks or so you will want and crave more – but 30-minutes is a great place to start!! Work your way up to an hour. Also, do exercise that you LIKE to do! And that is convenient in your schedule — otherwise — you won’t DO IT!

4. Healthy eating! It doesn’t have to be difficult! One word… FRESH. The cleaner you eat the better. Veggies, greens, fruits. Lean proteins and whole wheat grains. No processed foods or snacks, limit your sweets and alcoholic drinks. Tell yourself what you CAN have — not what you CAN’T!

5. Tracking your progress. There are plenty of apps and trackers available to track your steps, your hydration, your nutrition and fitness. Take the guessing game out of it. Keep record of what you are doing.

6. Keep your health in the forefront! Keep your annual health and wellness checkups. If you’re having trouble losing weight and you’ve tried everything, chances are there is something going on with your body medically. Find out what’s going on. Make sure you stay on top of your health.

7. If you need to, reach out to a fitness professional! Losing weight is a science. Let someone who is knowledgeable and experienced in helping people lose weight — HELP you!

All GOOD things take work. It;s worth it! YOU are worth it!

Do the LITTLE things to achieve the BIG results!!