YOU have the power to achieve your GOALS! You and you alone. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. Whether your goal is losing weight, competing in a race or event, getting more fit or healthy, or eating better. Our POWER is in our MIND first, then our BODY. Just like our muscles need exercise, positive thinking needs to be exercised as well.

1. We believe what we tell ourselves. So talk NICE to yourself. I know, when I am grateful for what I’m able to achieve instead of down on myself for what I can not achieve, it makes all the difference in the world. A thankful heart instead of a critical one.

We tend to live up to our own expectations. So expect the BEST out of yourself. Have the same GRACE for yourself that you would show to someone else. YOU actually deserve it! I truly believe your body will achieve what you tell it to. If you’re hard on yourself all the time, your body will live up to that. Be NICE and talk nice to yourself, you might be surprised by how your body responds.

2. Think POSITIVE! Negative thinking can lead to outcomes we don’t want and hinder our success in reaching our goals. Positive, optimistic people are happier and healthier and enjoy more success than those who think negatively. The key difference between them is how they think about and the interpret the events in their life. In the end, it’s a choice. CHOOSE POSITIVITY!

3. Train your mind to focus on the GOOD. This doesn’t come easy or naturally. We can train our mind the same way we train our bodies, through practice and intentionality. When you catch yourself being negative or hard on yourself-re-focus. Find the GOOD in the situation. Your persepective will change. I tell my clients that if they’re only able to give me 50% that day, let’s focus on that awesome 50% and not the 0% it would’ve been if they didn’t show up.

4. Take the CHOICE out and just ACHIEVE! When we don’t BELIVE in ourselves, we will fail. Believe you will do it and YOU WILL! It sounds simple and it is ..  and isn’t! It’s been my experience that if we give ourselves an OUT, we will take it. So don’t. Just do it. And set your mind on achievement and not excuses.

5. Don’t compare your journey with anyone else’s. Staying in a good place means keeping your eyes on your own progress and not on anyone else’s! Comparing is a losing battle that nobody wins! Focus on your accomplishments with a thankful heart. And be encouraging to others in your life who are trying to achieve their own goals.Compassion vs. Competition.

6. Work hard. Nothing worth anything comes easy. Reaching goals takes intentionality and strategy. How are you going to reach your GOAL? It’s not by mindlessly wasting your time. It’s by planning daily and carving time out of your day for training to reach your goal(s). 

7. Keep with the right company! Being around people who LOVE and support and encourage you makes all the difference between reaching or not reaching your goals. I know that if I have a client who wants to lose weight, and they have family at home that are not supportive, the journey is going to be much harder and more challenging. Encouragement from friends or family is uplifting and keeps us from giving up. We all need that- especially if we are working toward a goal.

Sometimes in the fitness world we tend to focus on the PHYSICAL and not enough on the MENTAL aspect of training. Let’s be MINDFUL to train our MINDS!